Lake St. Clair

Lake St. Clair

I had never been to Lake St. Clair before, it is basically a miniature Great Lake. Even the way the waves crash into the shore reminds me of the Great Lakes. The ice is what drew me to the lake though. I saw some pictures on instagram showing ice spikes jutting upward from the frozen lake and knew it would make for some awesome photos. Unfortunately I didn’t find anything resembling the photos I saw but the ice was still quite awesome nonetheless.

📸 – SonyA7riii – 1/6 – f/22 – ISO 50 – 14mm

The shore is lined with rocks that I am hoping will make for some good photo opportunities come spring/summer. I would love to find a spot I can get some water spraying into the air.

📸 – SonyA7riii – 1/2 – f/22 – ISO 100 – 14mm

I didn’t get out there until late in the season, but actually I think that is the best time to go. When the ice starts to melt and move around, that is when all the magic starts to happen. The melting ice creates beautiful textures as the waves cause it to collide with itself. 🔽 Here is the boundary where ice meets water, you can see a lot of the ice starting to stack and form these textures I am fascinated with.

📸 – SonyA7riii – 1/6 – f/22 – ISO 100 – 24mm

For a long time I have wanted to capture the movement of floating ice as it sways with the waves, I was finally able to do so here at Lake St. Clair Metropark. When I saw this rock with a chunk of ice resting on top of it I knew it was the perfect location to convey the action of the scene. By juxtaposing the motionless rock and the movement of the ice and waves within the frame, I was able to get a result I am happy with. My favorite part of this picture 🔽 is the orangeish-red glow of the sun shining on the surface of the rock.

📸 – SonyA7riii – f/22 – ISO 50 – 14mm

Ice has now become one of my favorite things to photograph. Can’t wait for winter next year!